Meet The Speakers, Past & Present


Elsie Igbinadolor - is a property investor, developer, coach and mentor. She is also an award winning public speaker. In January 2016, Elsie appeared in a 4-page article in the highly acclaimed industry led property magazine, Property Investor News.
For Elsie, property has never just been about bricks and mortar. "Property is a people business. If you don't like people, then you are in the wrong business!!".
By way of background Elsie is a qualified Chartered Accountant. Having qualified with KPMG, she has worked for over 15 years for a number of prestigious banks such as JP Morgan, UBS and Barclays and has been investing in property since 2005.

Elsie Igbinadolor
Property Investor, Mentor, Coach & Speaker
Denise Naylor - Founder of CashGenieGlobal; Build Your Cash Pile: Choose Your Life Style. I am a financial speaker and coach helping others with money management; specifically helping you to understand what fears and misunderstandings may be holding you back from personal financial success, showing you how to start your side biz and your investment programme in legal, practical, ethical ways even with no money and alerting you to why and how you need to protect your wealth and prosperity at each stage of life

Denise Naylor
Financial Speaker & Coach


Jacquie Edwards started out just like everyone else working a 9-5 job in someone else’s office. She knew there must be something better to life but didn’t know what to do about it. She realized that she was trading her time for money and that this would only get her so far, and she needed to find financial freedom in order to live the life she deserved.
In 2013, Jacquie began her property journey with the help of some amazing friends and mentors. She and her partner were chosen as Top Performers of their property training group for their target smashing results which created over £100,000 of recurring income in 12 months from property they don’t even own using the Rent to Rent strategy. Now Jacquie no longer needs to work in someone else’s office and is able to spend her time helping others to become Financially Free!

Jacquie Edwards
Property Go-To Girl
Sheena Walker is an internationally known speech coach and performance consultant. A rich history of applying proven strategies to her client’s business, careers, and life; Sheena is renowned within the fields of Business Development, International Speech Coaching, Public Speaking and Performance Coaching.
Successful Leaders are those with successful daily habits.
Sheena Walker wants to position her clients in authority roles in their respective industries. She is a licensed practitioner of NLP, holds a BA in Business Training and Development Education a certified Tony Robbins Advanced Strategic Performance Coach and is the founder of Pitch Perfect Speaking System™.

Sheena Walker
The Pitch Perfect Guru


Wendy Whittaker-Large - is the founder of multiple companies including Best Nest – a high end HMO company – and Best Nest Egg (an HMO investment club). She is passionate about HMOs for their contribution to the housing economy and the positive contribution they can make to people’s lives.
Over the last 18 years she has steadily built a multi-million pound property portfolio whilst raising a family and running an award-winning training business. Wendy now helps other people to achieve financial freedom whilst juggling domestic and family commitments, enabling them to fulfil their dreams of having a much higher quality of life and more time to spend with their children and family. She works with a whole range of people - from those with young families and full-time jobs to older people looking to secure their financial future for retirement - and she supports, trains and mentors them to success.

Wendy Whittaker-Large
Property Mentor & Speaker

Genevieve Boast - is the Founder of Beyond Human Stories - an organization designed specifically to remind people and organisations of their ability to write their own unique leadership stories, creating new paradigms in education, business and global society.
A life adventurer and insatiable optimist, Genevieve has always leapt off the cliffs that life has offered her into the potential of the unknown. Prior to running her own social enterprise Emergency Happiness, she spent 10 years working in the fields of Continuous Improvement, Corporate Social Responsibility and Leadership Development. For much of 2012 she acted as the Global Ambassador for Think Love, showing people how to lead lives of love and authenticity.
She currently travels the world as a speaker, facilitator and coach working with a wide and diverse range of people including ‘hard to reach’ young people, University students, business leaders, social entrepreneurs and start up charities.

Genevieve Boast
Storyteller, Facilitator, Co-Creator

Kylie Menz - helps highly successful women entrepreneurs to work less and earn more, designing a lifestyle business they love doing what they love.
Kylie's special gift is being able to take someone’s existing knowledge/skill and turning it online cash flow, creating more time and financial freedom. Kylie is a successful internet marketer, founder and host of “MyLifestyleShow.TV”, speaker, entrepreneur and coach. But she wasn’t always that way, previously a burnt out corporate sales professional, stuck in the 9-5pm (well longer than that) rat race, tired of working for someone else then turned 40 and decided it was time for a change.
Creating enough residual income online to say goodbye to her boss forever, quitting the 9-5 rat race and building a location free business online full of both time and financial freedom. Kylie is now known for being a part business strategist, part internet marketing queen and part Mrs. Motivator sharing her energy and enthusiasm along the way.

Kylie Menz
Lifestyle Biz Coach & Speaker

Manni Chopra - Manni’s main reason for starting to invest in property was to earn enough money to replace her income and become FINANCIALLY FREE.
If you have ever been on a Property Training course you might have been told that each of the Buy To Let Properties you own will earn you £100/£200 PASSIVE INCOME per month after all costs / voids / management fees etc. And if you want to make £2000 per month you will need to buy (ONLY!)10-20 properties and you will become FINANCIALLY FREE.
However, Manni wanted to “sack the manager” and become FINANCIALLY FREE NOW. The only strategy that would allow her to achieve this goal would be one where she could make around £1000/2000 per property and then only two properties would be needed. Now creator of the Tried & Tested 5-step Formula to Financial Freedom

Manni Chopra
Professional Property Investor, Author and Public Speaker